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Nov 3, 2021

The Latest Instagram Trends in Wall Color Paint

In the world of interior design, staying up-to-date with the latest trends is essential to create spaces that feel current and visually appealing. In recent years, Instagram has become a popular source of inspiration for homeowners, decorators, and professionals in the industry. Sherwin Williams Watery is one of the trending wall color paints that has captured the attention of many Instagram users.

What Makes Sherwin Williams Watery So Special?

Sherwin Williams Watery is a beautiful shade of blue-green that adds a refreshing and calming touch to any space. Its soft and muted tone brings a sense of tranquility, making it a perfect choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, or living rooms. This versatile paint color can be easily paired with various decor styles, from modern to coastal, creating an atmosphere of harmony and balance.

Incorporating Sherwin Williams Watery in Your Interior Design

If you're considering using Sherwin Williams Watery in your home or project, here are some tips on how to incorporate this trending wall color:

1. Accent Walls

Create a focal point by painting one wall with Sherwin Williams Watery. This technique can instantly elevate the aesthetic value of a room, drawing attention to the wall and making a bold statement. Pair it with neutral-colored furniture and accessories to allow the wall color to shine.

2. Complementary Colors

Sherwin Williams Watery works well with a variety of complementary colors, such as warm neutrals, soft greys, and natural wood tones. Consider incorporating these colors into your furniture, textiles, and decor items to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

3. Water-Inspired Theme

Take advantage of Sherwin Williams Watery's aquatic vibe by incorporating a water-inspired theme into your design. Play with ocean-inspired artwork, marine-inspired patterns, and natural elements like seashells or driftwood to create a serene coastal ambiance.

4. Lighting Considerations

The lighting in a room can greatly affect the appearance of paint colors. Before applying Sherwin Williams Watery, consider the natural light exposure and artificial lighting. Test the color on a small section of the wall to observe how it interacts with different light sources throughout the day.

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Sherwin Williams Watery is a trending wall color paint that can transform your space into a serene and stylish oasis. With its versatile nature and calming properties, it has become a popular choice among interior design enthusiasts.

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